Made of equal parts prettyboy and mercenary grin, this fansite lavishing the love and a fair amount of silly on FINAL FANTASY XII is the cheeky little bastard who'll shake his tight leather pants to bring all the girls to the yard. And spoil them silly. Don't say your mother didn't warn you.

By far the favourite child and prime attention target; a fansite dedicated to SYDNEY LOSSTAROT, prophet antagonist of VAGRANT STORY, one of the most brilliant Square Enix video games ever. The bastards. ♥ This is why I started making sites in the first place. FOR YOU, SYDNEY, IT'S ALL FOR YOU.

The mothership of awesome that is VAGRANT STORY, previously mentioned godhood of Square Enix video gaming; this is the approved fanlisting and repository of whatever strikes the fancy. Can be considered the base for all TEAM YAZZ related fansitery.

The popular girl, the one all the other dark haired green eyed kids gravitate towards. Extensive, comprehensive and just plain dorky, this is both HELLS YEAH SHE ROCKS and fanlisting to JAINA ORGANA SOLO, the biggest bitch to ever grace the STAR WARS universe.

Aw, just click the link. All will be explained-- with an educational video!-- in the keywords of KYP DURRON and JEDI MASTER and possibly some 100% pure-filtered Corellian CRACK that this endearing shifty-eyed kid can extort from the STAR WARS universe. We have absolutely no shame. Or kleenex, for that matter. ♥

Both fansite and fanlisting in honour of JARLAXLE BAENRE, mercenary drow of the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign setting. This would be the kid who wears the tinfoil hat, but we love him anyway.

Painfully small, the runt of the litter, but the prettiest boy by far. A loveletter site dedicated to EDGAR RONI FIGARO, because FINAL FANTASY VI's kingly genius superblond deserves all the butterfly kisses in the world.

HA HA. I take it back, this would be the tinfoil kid. MARRIAGE PROSPECTS for the cast of CLAMP's infamously idioti-- I mean, lavishly complex and super deep manga series, X.

IT'S ALL ABOUT ME ME ME. And possibly sniggering at Albel Nox's girl panties. Partly friends-locked, mostly moronic, it's my obligatory ONLINE JOURNAL, because I have nothing better to do with my time than to curse at the power of your tennis.

      (and by hosted sites, I totally mean Jenny's Star Wars collective ♥)
+ DHALBRETH SQUARE. Jaina Solo/Zekk; site and fanlisting
+ BALANCE. Zekk of Undertermined Last Name; site and fanlisting
+ GRIM IS A NORMAL STATE OF BEING. Jagged Fel; site and fanlisting
+ RAWR! Lowbacca; site and fanlisting